الثلاثاء، 30 سبتمبر 2008

Nancy www.buxomdream.com

Let me present for you the hottest woman in our world .... this is not my own opinion only but also the opinion of any man even if he is a gay !!!

I knew her for the first time in 2003 when I was 22 year old and was a student in law school and now i became a lawyer and I became 27 year old and I failed to find the equal woman to marry her !!!

Let me admit that i decided not to marry because of this woman .

She is NANCY the owner of the free site of http://www.buxomdream.com/

I still remember the words of the home page of her site in 2003 and I still remeber every word she wrote in her group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/buxomdream and the current group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/buxomdream2005

She said that she chose the name Buxom Dream for her site because she believes that she is not available and that is true .... she usually remindes her fans and friends that she is married and does not search for any kind of relations .

She also says she refuse to be topless or completely nude and I respect this attitude for 2 reasons :

1 - That must be her own opinion and only her own opinion .

2 - This attitude, generally and with any sexy man or woman, allows the brain to imagine a lot of things that is not shown and that is very important .

In fact , I found a great difficulty to choose the main photo for Nancy because all her phpotos are very sexy, hot and pretty so I decided to choose some of her a lot of sexy photos.

I have a special feelings towards this pretty woman who was born in October 1957 , 24 years before me !!!

I still remeber my sadness when she made her (Pic Of Week) about her father when he died and she was sad and that me sad also .

I also still remeber her warm towards about her lovely mother when she suffered from cancer .

I still remeber her gifts every Monday when she updates her site (she gave up now) .
I loved her because of her warm words to her good fans and the firm words to the impolite fans .
She suffered a lot of bad sites which used to publish her photos without her permission or referrence to her site .

I think that was the main reason which made Nancy give up updating her own site though she still give us some gifts through her page on www.flickr.com/photos/buxomdream .
She has many photo styles and I like all of them but generally I think the best of them is her style (braless).
I hope all of you send special messages for Nancy in her birthday after a few days and to her husband , lucky husband , Mr Mark , who also was born in the same month through her e-mail buxomdream@ca.rr.com

Finally , let me choose some of her pretty photos and please tell me which of them is hottest for you .

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beautifulpeople2000 يقول...

For me the hottest photo is the first which shows Nancy looking at the map .